Customer Comments

 As we never meet most of our customers, we experience a greater need for feedback than the lucky folks who get to meet up with their customers every day.

So we get big thrills when folks take the time to write and tell us what they thought of our bags, and the way we conducted ourselves in the process of fulfilling their orders.

Here are some comments that our customers have made. In all honesty, we have received one negative comment - from the owner of a company called Cancer-E-Search. He was disappointed that the fabric turned out to be lighter than he expected, but even then he said that the experience was a very pleasant one.


These are genuine and verbatim customer comments. Each name mentioned here has given us specific permission to place their names here. To protect their privacy we haven't included contact data here. We don't want them to get spammed. If you are really keen to ask someone about us, there's enough information here to locate a phone number.

I love them, even nicer than I imagined!!! Thank you so much.

Chloe Stevens is a talented graphic designer in Ireland and is marketing her own graphics on the bags.

"I have seen the bags today. We are absolutely thrilled with them. Thank you so much and thank you to everyone involved in making them - we are delighted!" "I have given all my staff a Heron's Cove Bag and they are delighted with them!"

Sue Hill, in Goleen, Ireland, ordered specially designed bags for the Heron's Cove resort.

"The bags were great and did what we hoped they would." "Yes, I would and I will recommend you and if we require the need to re-order I will contact you first."

Jeff Jella runs First United Door technologies in Arizona.

We love, love, LOVE this last shipment of bags! Thank you again for an excellent product.

Ms. Christy Wardle; Houston, Texas, USA

"You guys are fabulous! You can tell that the organization has people that care working there. I have been impressed all along. The client called yesterday on the bags and they loved the sample. That was very helpful." "We love the bags! They are great and I am sure the client will be very happy." "I go to a show next Friday and plan to carry my bag so hopefully I can show it off!"

Linda Neumann, who runs a promotional consultancy in California, ordered some bags for a favorite client.

"We are VERY HAPPY with the bags!" "Now I'd like a quote on 6000, 10000, 12000 more of these and on the other sample you sent along. You only sent two and I have four ladies working in the office. They are now fighting over who will get those fantastic bags!"

Phil runs Ocean 1 Realty in North Carolina and ordered some bags to give away at trade shows.

"Thanks for managing our request so quickly!" "The bags are great! I just saw them and we are all really satisfied." "They are really cute, thank you!" "Thanks again for the collaboration and the good result."

Elisabetta Gavello in Milan, Italy, ordered bags for her jewelry collection.

"They are wonderful!!!!!!!!! We are very excited."

Tami Dervoe, in Omaha, ordered some bags for a conference she was organizing.

"They look great, and the quality looks fabulous. We are going to start packing them up tonight..." "Many thanks for all your help with this order and it is great to know who to contact next time we need a similar product."

The Australian Tourism Commission wanted specially sized small bags to put a small book into.


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