Thank you for stopping by. While you're here, take a look at the line of eco-friendly cotton bags we make (the pretty girl holding up a bag is my daughter Kaajal). And you know who the guy holding up the bag is? Adam Gilchrist! The vice captain of the visiting Australian cricket team. Our customers are truly wonderful people. Kaajal's customer Ashul in Australia got Adam to pose with one of our bags. Thanks Ashul!

Its a gratifying business to be in. We get joy from knowing that every bag we sell prevents as many as 500 plastic bags from fouling up our customer environments.

And we're making great friends across the globe. On our bags pages you will see what our customers have to say about us. Gives us quite a thrill, that does. Do see the range I've mentioned on the right. Click on any category to see a fine selection for that purpose.

Our company manufactures and exports large variety of cotton cloth and canvas bags all over the World. We export in bulk and wholesale to our purchasers.

I also enjoy working on consulting projects, particularly in the area of brand and identity creation and management. I believe branding isn't expensive at all, communication through conventional means is what makes it look like the preserve of the biggies. Read this note on Branding #101.If you'd like to know more about me, perhaps you'd like to glance at my CV.

Our bags can be powerful and economical branding tools. If this sounds a bit far fetched to you, read this and keep an eye on our blogs.

Rajiv Badlani
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